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Hello and welcome to my website.

I hope you enjoy the CD (recorded 2006), its free to download in "my cd".  As i become more involved in flamenco there will be more material on the site soon.

Currently a student of Diego Morilla i am learning the rhythms and music of the masters old and new.  His teaching is giving me an insight into the correct approach and feel to playing flamenco, a real privilege.

Another luxury for me is rehearsing and performing with the dance academy of Bernardi Gabriel and singer Rafa Moral.  It is here i learn the true role of the flamenco guitar and enjoy myself the most.

As for the many guitarists, singers and dancers that have inspired and encouraged me over the past couple of years (too many to mention) their help and friendship is invaluable.

Enjoy the site ¡Hasta Ahora!


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